From Sleeping on a Dirt Floor to $80K/Month in Passive Income

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How do you go from absolute poverty to passive income in a short amount of time? What if you were raised on the other side of the world, where even a basic education had to be fought for, and every opportunity was a constant struggle? This is the real story of Yamundow Camara, who went from sleeping on a dirt floor in a small village of Gambia to making a million dollars per year thanks to real estate.

Yamundow grew up in an environment foreign to many of us. When her parents passed away in her youth, she was forced to live with relatives that treated her as a nuisance, not someone worth nurturing. She slept on the floor of her familyโ€™s home and was sometimes lucky enough to have a cardboard box as a mattress. She was set to be wed in her early teenage years, but thanks to her drive, determination, and pleading of her aunts, Yamundow was given a chance to go to high school and college and later immigrate to the US.

From there, Yamundow put success as her sole focus. She not only academically overachieved, but was able to do an INCREDIBLE amount of investing with almost no money, no credit score, and no experience in the industry. She now sits on over thirty rental units, with a monthly income that rivals most Americansโ€™ yearly salaries. Yamundow has one of the most incredible stories weโ€™ve ever shared on the podcast, and youโ€™ll have to tune in to hear her unimaginable path to success.

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Episode #761

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00:00 Intro
01:02 Quick Tip
01:31 Orphaned and Sleeping on the Floor
05:47 The Dream of Owning a Home
07:55 Scholarships, Degrees, and Moving to the US
15:23 Getting the First Deal (and Things Going WRONG)
26:41 7 Rentals in 1 Year!
35:08 Making $80K a MONTH!
43:08 Analyzing Deals and Biggest Challenges
47:18 Taking a Hit on Taxes
50:49 Yaamu's Current Portfolio
52:51 Tips to Keep Quality Contractors
54:00 Stop Waiting!
56:00 Connect with Yaamu!

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