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Presenting Hollywood English Movie Full Action HD (Hollywood Movie English, Action movies, Crime Movies, English Movies, Jason Statham Movies In English) "THE POLICEMAN" Exclusively on @blockbusterenglishmovies Sit back & enjoy

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Stars: Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, Wesley Snipes Etc.
Director: Tony Giglio
Writer: Tony Giglio

A veteran detective is teamed with a rookie cop when they are sent to negotiate with a bunch of criminals holding a bank hostage. It transpires that a master thief has planted a computer virus that will drain funds from the bank's accounts. The detective faces a race against time to catch the thief and stop the randomly evolving computer virus, which models its behaviour on the bewildering principles of chaos theory.

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Warrior Knight Action Movie Full Length English Subtitles

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PREPARE FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE. Chris Hemsworth is Tyler Rake in EXTRACTION 2 - only on Netflix, June 16.

Hemsworth reunites with director Sam Hargrave, with Joe and Anthony Russo's AGBO producing and Joe Russo writing. Golshifteh Farahani reprises her role from the first film, with Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili also co-starring.

This is a sequel to the first film that was based on the graphic novel 'Ciudad' by Ande Parks, from a story by Ande Parks, Joe Russo & Anthony Russo, with illustrations by Fernando León González. EXTRACTION 2 is produced by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, Chris Hemsworth, Patrick Newall and Sam Hargrave, with Angela Russo-Otstot, Jake Aust, Benjamin Grayson, Steven Scavelli, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely as executive producers.

Watch EXTRACTION now, only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
Netflix is one of the world's leading entertainment services with 233 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, films and games across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can play, pause and resume watching as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, and can change their plans at any time.

EXTRACTION 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Back from the brink of death, highly skilled commando Tyler Rake takes on another dangerous mission: saving the imprisoned family of a ruthless gangster.

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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7: Dead Reckoning Part 1 Official Trailer 2 (NEW 2023) Tom Cruise
© 2023 - Paramount Pictures

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Dom (Vin Diesel) shows his true colours and eventually helps his family as they fend off a fleet of heavily armoured vehicles.

What is The Fate of The Furious about?

F8: The Fate of The Furious (2017) - Synopsis: Dom encounters a mysterious woman, Cipher, who gets him involved in the world of terrorism. The crew has to reunite to stop Cipher and save the man who brought them together as a family.

Watch the full movie here:

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⁣Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

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Wolverine vs Bear Hunters - Bar Scene | The Wolverine (2013) Extended Cut Movie Clip 4K Ultra HD

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rila Fukushima, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hal Yamanouchi, Ken Yamamura, Famke Janssen, Brian Tee

Film description: In modern day Japan, Logan is out of his depth in an unknown world as he faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own near-immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before.

TM & © 2013 Disney / 20th Century Studios

#wolverine #hughjackman #rilafukushima

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Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer, space trading and combat simulation game. The game is being developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows.

Original Image Provided by: Viajeroastral
RSI Character Link:

STAR CITIZEN Trailer (2023) Extended
© 2023 @RobertsSpaceInd
All audiovisual content are the © copyright of their respective owners.

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Cybertron has fallen. When Optimus Prime sends Bumblebee to defend Earth, his journey to become a hero begins. Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld), a teenager trying to find her place in the world, discovers and repairs the battle-scarred robot, who’s disguised as a Volkswagen Beetle. As the Decepticons hunt down the surviving Autobots with the help of a secret agency led by Agent Burns (John Cena), Bumblebee and Charlie team up to protect the world in an action-packed adventure that’s fun for the whole family.

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official new movie trailer for Transformers 7 Rise Of The Beasts in 4K ULTRA HD Quality

Plot : During the 1990s, the Maximals, Predacons and Terrorcons join the existing battle on Earth between Autobots and Decepticons.

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Watch worlds collide in trailer 2 for The Flash - Only in Theaters June 16. #theflashmovie

Warner Bros. Pictures presents “The Flash,” directed by Andy Muschietti (the “IT” films, “Mama”). Ezra Miller reprises their role as Barry Allen in the DC Super Hero’s first-ever standalone feature film.

Worlds collide in “The Flash” when Barry uses his superpowers to travel back in time in order to change the events of the past. But when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, Barry becomes trapped in a reality in which General Zod has returned, threatening annihilation, and there are no Super Heroes to turn to. That is, unless Barry can coax a very different Batman out of retirement and rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian… albeit not the one he’s looking for. Ultimately, to save the world that he is in and return to the future that he knows, Barry’s only hope is to race for his life. But will making the ultimate sacrifice be enough to reset the universe?

“The Flash” ensemble also includes rising star Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon (“Bullet Train,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”), Ron Livingston (“Loudermilk,” “The Conjuring”), Maribel Verdú (“Elite,” “Y tu mamá también”), Kiersey Clemons (“Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” “Sweetheart”), Antje Traue (“King of Ravens,” “Man of Steel”) and Michael Keaton (“Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Batman”).

“The Flash” is produced by Barbara Muschietti (the “IT” films, “Mama”) and Michael Disco (“Rampage,” “San Andreas”). The screenplay is by Christina Hodson (“Birds of Prey,” “Bumblebee”), with a screen story by John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein (“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming”) and Joby Harold (“Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,” “Army of the Dead”), based on characters from DC. The executive producers are Toby Emmerich, Walter Hamada, Galen Vaisman and Marianne Jenkins.

Joining director Muschietti behind the camera are director of photography Henry Braham (“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” “The Suicide Squad”), production designer Paul Denham Austerberry (“IT Chapter Two,” “The Shape of Water”), editors Jason Ballantine (the “IT” films, “The Great Gatsby”) and Paul Machliss (“The Gentlemen,” “Baby Driver”), and costume designer Alexandra Byrne (“Doctor Strange,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”); the score is by Benjamin Wallfisch (“The Invisible Man,” the “IT” films).

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Double Dream/a Disco Factory production of an Andy Muschietti film, “The Flash.” It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures and is set to open in theaters in North America on June 16, 2023 and internationally beginning 14 June 2023.

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Vengeance meets his equal.⌚️ Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall in the final chapter of The Equalizer. #theequalizer3, exclusively in movie theatre's this Fall.


Since giving up his life as a government assassin, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) has struggled to reconcile the horrific things he’s done in the past and finds a strange solace in serving justice on behalf of the oppressed. Finding himself surprisingly at home in Southern Italy, he discovers his new friends are under the control of local crime bosses. As events turn deadly, McCall knows what he has to do: become his friends’ protector by taking on the mafia.

Directed by: Antoine Fuqua

Written by: Richard Wenk

Based on the television series created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim

Produced by:
Todd Black
Jason Blumenthal
Denzel Washington
Antoine Fuqua
Steve Tisch
Clayton Townsend
Alex Siskin
Tony Eldridge

Executive Producer:
David Bloomfield
Tarak Ben Ammar
Andy Mitchell

Denzel Washington
Dakota Fanning
David Denman



#theequalizer #theequalizer3 #denzelwashington #sonypictures #sony #antoinefuqua #dakotafanning #daviddenman #officialtrailer #trailer

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Bass Buzzer by Humans Win
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Epic Hybrid Cinema Dubstep by Valentina Gribanova
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